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Once we have completed an initial customization journal request, you may purchase the number of journals desired here.   You also have the option to order all at the same time.

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Custom Book Club Journal Request

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​​SHOW YOUR PROFESSIONALISM for your clients or consultants by providing them with your custom designed journal!

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This is a great journal for your book club members! You can choose one of the existing cover titles or decide if you want to create your own personalized title. This journal has 100 pages, you choose lined task pages or blank task pages, and has regular book binding. Tasked pages includes space to indicate book title, meeting date, meeting location, book insights/notes if desired. What a great option for you and someone who would benefit from this as a gift.

Note: Personalized titles will have Georgia style font. Cream interior 60# paper. 

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This 6x9, 100 page, hardcover journal can be personalized with your name and favorite quote. You have the option to have your own title and sub-title to make this hardcover journal something you will cherish for quite some time. What a great gift to yourself or someone you care about. Journaling is a great way to express yourself AND give you something to look back on later. You'll be amazed reading over the things you wrote. Choose either 100 or 200 pages, black and white interior, 6x9 size hardcover book, 50# interior paper, black and white interior pages. Your chosen sub-title/quote will also be included in the right hand footer of each interior page. There is also a section for you to enter a date if desired at the top of each page. You have the option to choose if you would like lined or unlined interior pages.Type your paragraph here.

Completed Custom Journal Request

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Select the desired one time fee options as listed below for your new customized journal.  We will reach out to you to discuss further.  Don't worry if you need to adjust after your initial order below due to consultation.  You will receive a pdf file for your review and approval upon completion of your custom designed journal. 

REST ASSURED CE will work with you from start to finish!


Standard Limitations are a maximum 88 pages except for pocket size which allows 100 pages per journal, min 32 pages except for pocket size which is min 40 pages per journal, and B&W interior only.

Name & Personalized Journal Request

Initial Customization Request

DESIGN AND GIVE to someone you know could use a special journal!