Keep track of insights & inspiration from a variety of  places such as podcasts, YouTube, events, seminars, etc.

Get this hardcover personalized journal with your name and a favorite quote! What a great gift to yourself or someone you care about. Journaling is a great way to express yourself AND give you something to look back on later. You'll be amazed reading over the things you've written.

This journal is specially designed to help you plan and keep track of your goals for the span of 12 months.

Write down faith thoughts  and special  insights on your journey through faith.

A great journal for Book Club members!

What a great option for you and someone who would benefit from this as a gift. Choose from one of the available cover options available or personalize a cover for yourself or your group. 

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OTHER BOOKS (Coming soon)

Personalize a book journal cover to fit your needs or that of your book club.



Take time to be thankful for all of those answered prayers while patiently waiting for other prayer request. Share what God has done for you with loved ones and establish family prayer habits.

This structured journal will allow you to journal some of your favorite things, personal ideas regarding your personality, feelings, travel experiences and more.


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